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Ninja Rampage

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Your enemies do not know that you are coming so you must kill them silently like a true ninja warrior. Approach them from behind them and stab them with your sword. A true ninja must never be seen!You can kill enemies in many ways but it is important to make it silent and they do not notice that you are there if you get hit, you’re dead.So be careful. You are looking at a lot of challenges and a long way to make you become a real ninja and your mission is to avenge your teacher. We wish you good luck and even better fun in this awesome Ninja Rampage game! Instructions: Left / Right Arrow Keys – Move. Up Arrow Key – Jump. A, S, D – Attack.

Game Details

You are silent ninja assassin and your task in this game is to kill enemies from behind with your ninja sword. You must be careful you need to walk silently to your enemies so they can not notice you.

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