Ninja Vs Zombies V2

Ninja Vs Zombies V2

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In shop you can unlock Moon slash and star barrage. Your special attack are fire and ninja stars, they do much damage to the zombies. You can also complete various achievements and buy upgrades for your warrior. Pay attention You have three lives, if you lose them it’s gonna be game over for you. Kill as many zombies as you can and prove your ninja abilities in this Ninja vs Zombies game! Arrow keys or W,S,A,D to move and jump Mouse to aim and attack Q/E to change weapons F to cast fire-spell Space to perform special attack

Game Details

You play the character of a brave ninja warrior and your task is to kill zombies! Kill every zombie in your way. You can use your special ninja sword to kill zombies and you can also use your special attacks but they require soul to unleash, so use it careful.

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