Swordless Ninja

Swordless Ninja

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A great way is in front of you with a lot of challenges and a lot of adventure. You are a ninja, do not let enemies hurt you, kill every enemies on your way but be careful not to get hit because one shot and you are dead and start all over again, so you need to move fast and to be precise in order to beat the level. Every next level will be harder than previous one so do your best and prove that you are as good as ninja with sword! Instructions: Arrow keys or WASD keys to move. Z or K to jump. X or L to grab and throw.

Game Details

It's hard to imagine a ninja without his sword but in this game you are that, swordless ninja. Your task in this ninja game is simple, your mission is to save your family who is abducted by enemy ninjas!

Date Added: 2016-01-29

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